About the Author ~ Tekla White


Tekla White is a member of the California Reading Association, Authors Guild, and the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.

Ms. White has written and photographed feature stories for magazines and the San Jose Mercury News. Her work covered a variety of subjects including articles on braces, fleas, migrant education, and apples.

She is the author and co-author of multi-cultural, reading, language arts, logic, and math workbooks. Her stories are in the DC Heath reading series, the Scott Foresman reading program and Celebration Press.
Her workbooks for Evan Moor include Read and Understand Nonfiction for Grades 4-6 and Read and Understand Fiction. She adapted stories for Myths and Legends in the Read and Understand series, Folktales & Fairy Tales Literature Pockets, and Literature Pockets Tall Tales.

Tekla White received the Sacramento Area Reading Association's 2002 Lighthouse for Literacy Author's Award.

Ms. White's teaching career began in Maryland. She's taught in the primary and middle grades and served as a mentor teacher in the Fremont Unified School District in Fremont, California. She has substituted at the Spanish immersion elementary school in Davis, California.

Ms. White received a B.A. in English writing from the University of Washington and a master's degree in Spanish literature from Holy Names University in Oakland, California. She has studied anthropology and archaeology in Mexico.


Tekla White

Kit Kat

My beloved cat, Bella, has been gone for almost a year. On Friday afternoon, December 27, 2013, I went to the Yolo County animal shelter to look at the cats available for adoption. I wanted an older cat and found Kitkat, age six, a soft-furred feline with a bright calico face. She had been at the shelter for two months. Most people who visit are looking for a kitten.
Kitkat's shelter name was Pistaccio, but I needed a shorter name. Kitkat loves everyone. Her favorite activities are sleeping, continuous petting, chin scratching and playing with toys.
Sadly, when I took Kitkat to the veterinarian, she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I decided to give Kitkat the best life I could. The veterinarian said she would probably live about 6 months. She lived two years and seven months. We all enjoyed her company.
Now that she is gone, my granddaughter has decided to help me choose a new cat. We will begin looking in mid-November.

My daughter had a friend who was fostering two kittens in Oak Grove. The whole family drove to Oak Grove to look at the kittens. My nine year old granddaughter came, too. She had a favorite gray and white kitten she had seen on my email. I liked the other kitten, so we ended up bringing both of them to my house. They are keeping me very busy, and snitch food from the kitchen counters and table. Cali, the older of the two even snitched a frozen waffle from my toaster when I went outside to take care of the garbage.

School Visits - tnwrites@​gmail.com

Tekla White, author of Missions of the San Francisco Bay Area, invites you to open California mission doors and visit with Franciscan priests and Native Americans who lived near San Francisco Bay.
Both large and small group presentations are available for students studying California history.

School presentations about The Flight of the Union include information about kite history and how a kite string helped build a suspension bridge.

What's Your Story? Students learn to blend where, when, and who into spellbinding tales.

Writers' Workshop: Students invent new worlds and adventures for their characters.

Abraham Lincoln's Stepmother visits classrooms to talk about her life and Abraham's growing-up years. The presentation is suitable for all elementary school students. Contact Sarah's friend, Tekla White, tekla@​teklawhite.org to arrange a visit.

Juvenile Historical Fiction
Based on the true story of a boy who wanted to fly his kite across the Niagara River to help build a bridge.
This is the story of the Native Americans and Franciscan Priests who lived near San Francisco Bay.